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school hvac system cleaning

The Importance of School HVAC System Cleaning

Here’s why to invest in school HVAC system cleaning:

A clean HVAC system is crucial for maintaining a healthy, fresh, and hygienic environment. The ducts are basically the lungs of a building through which all indoor air circulates.

Air duct cleaning provides better air quality and overall cleanliness of a building. Whether that is a school, office space or home. This is especially important in places with high traffic of people coming in and out. In addition to the contaminants brought in by the people, consistent movement sweeps existing dust, debris and particles up off the ground to mix with the air. All these materials gather, circulate, and buildup in the HVAC system over time. Therefore, it is very important to clean air ducts, especially in public places such as schools, universities, and hospitals.

How do dirty air ducts affect students at school?

According to National Center for Education Statistics, there are 527 students enrolled in one U.S. school on average. This number indicates high traffic in the buildings and does not include the number of school staff who also move around the buildings. The dust, dirt, and debris brought inside by students and staff can end up in the HVAC system and gather in the air ducts over time.

air duct cleaning vent system before and after

The build-up of air contaminants exposes classrooms, hallways, surfaces, and materials to dust and allergens. When the school HVAC system is not clean, custodians will find that dust accumulates on desks, cafeteria tables and other surfaces much more quickly. This will require more frequent cleaning and has the potential to cause health problems for students and teachers. Dirty air ducts encourage the growth of bacteria and the circulation of contaminants in the air. This is especially problematic for people who suffer from allergies and other respiratory conditions.

Schools are known for being a center for disease spread. Neglecting the cleanliness of HVAC systems is one of the factors that can contribute to poor hygiene and virus spread in schools. Therefore, cleaning the school’s air ducts and maintaining the whole school HVAC system is crucial for the health of the students and staff.

Benefits of school HVAC system cleaning

A clean school HVAC system is a starting point for maintaining high air quality. Air duct cleaning for your school will bring a lot of benefits for the well-being of the people that spend more than eight hours a day in the classrooms, including students and teachers. Additionally, it is a part of building maintenance.

Benefits of school HVAC system cleaning include:

  • Overall improved cleanliness and hygiene
  • Better air quality
  • Reduced allergens
  • Higher HVAC system efficiency
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Less dust-build up on surfaces

The most important benefit of duct cleaning at schools is the better environment for the health and safety of the students. But regular air duct cleaning for your school will also increase the longevity of your HVAC system. Moreover, reduce heating and cooling costs because a clean system runs more efficiently. Reduced dust and debris buildup on the duct walls will also prevent dust from being blown out. Where it accumulates on the surfaces where students need to learn and eat.

What should Schools do to maintain clean HVAC systems?

Keeping HVAC systems and air ducts clean is not a daily job that requires constant attention. But school management must make sure that air ducts are professionally cleaned on a regular basis, at least every 3-5 years.

Guarantee Air Duct Cleaning specializes in school HVAC system cleaning.

With the recent openings of classrooms again and the current flu season, clean, healthy air in our schools is more important than ever. Guarantee Air Duct Cleaning is top rated throughout Oregon with specialized experience in HVAC system cleaning and air duct sanitization for schools of all sizes.

We’ve performed extensive services for Bend-La Pine Schools to clean and sanitize the ducts in several buildings throughout the school district. The following is a testimonial from Maintenance Supervisor, Dan Dummitt:

“Guarantee Cleaning Services has performed excellent work for the Bend-La Pine Schools at various sites throughout the District. Contracted work has included restoration projects, duct cleaning, and he provided ozone machines during the COVID crisis that have worked very well in our buildings. The work performed has always been very thorough and completed within strict deadlines and reasonable pricing.”

Learn more about the HVAC cleaning and sanitization package we offered Bend-La Pine Schools. Get a quote for your school or facility at (541) 389-2211.