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Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Bend, Oregon

Clean air in your home is more important than ever.

It’s important to have your air ducts cleaned regularly to reduce the spread of dust, allergens, mold, irritants, and other contaminants in your home.

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You wouldn’t tolerate dust building up on your windowsills, counters, shelves and floor for years, right? So why tolerate years of dust buildup and construction garbage in the HVAC air duct system of tubes through which all the air you breathe circulates?

Guarantee Air Duct Cleaning specializes in thorough air duct cleaning, sanitizer application, odor removal and dryer duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning benefits include:

  • Removal of indoor pollutants including pollen, mold, dust, smoke and bacteria.
  • Improved efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system, extending its life and significantly reducing costs in the long-run.
  • Reduction of health issues such as allergies and asthma.
Dirty Air Duct SystemClean Air Duct

Our Residential Air Duct Cleaning Services Include:

Air Duct Cleaning

Experienced technicians will rid your building of allergens & unsightly dust using the most advanced duct cleaning equipment in the industry.

A thorough cleaning can also return your HVAC system to peak operating condition, cutting your heating and cooling costs substantially.

Air Duct Sanitization

Upon request, our team can apply a specialized, EPA-approved microbiostatic solution directly to your duct walls, inactivating viruses and killing bacteria and mold. Learn how our sanitization process works.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Dryer lint build-up can become a real fire hazard. Our experienced technicians will return your dryer ducts to like-new condition.

Our Residential Service Areas

Guarantee Cleaning Services covers Central Oregon, ready to provide the expert cleaning services you are looking for. We provide professional Duct Cleaning in Bend, Oregon as well as Redmond, Prineville, Tumalo, Sunriver, La Pine, Three Sisters, and the general Central Oregon area.

Guarantee Cleaning Service Area, including Bend and Central Oregon

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